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Jasminarts has a high value, low cost solution for your online marketing presence. Professional web development supported by a WordPress CMS is an affordable and versatile solution for your business. WordPress is constantly evolving to meet the latest technologies.

Jasminarts uses state of the art themes to provide not only beautiful design and typography but also the latest in plugin customization. We can adapt existing WordPress themes to create a dynamic and fully functional online marketing tool for your business. Your site can have a shopping cart, social media and SEO functions, while at the same time have a versatile and easy to administrate dashboard to facilitate updating the site possible for anyone.

Responsive web development is the development of a website to work well on desktops, tablets and smartphones. With a majority of the people using their cell phones to access the internet, it is critical to develop your site for mobile usage. Mobile first is the standard today so that your site will always be available when someone is using your site.

Jasminarts offers on-going maintenance to keep both your security and presentation current. Your customers will see value in current content. Your business will enjoy the smooth functionality that follows up-to-date security. Search engines will rank your site more highly in results for the frequent updates bringing you more customers.